PeKApps is a shortcut of Petr Kulich Applications. As shown from the name, I focus on creating applications, specially mobile applications. I am a coder for many years. I began making web sides, then web applications and now I create mobile applications.

My Applications Offer

I focus on educational utility and applications for better life in general. You can find an internet browser add-ons (Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome) in my application offer too. All of my applications and add-ons are free (if there is no notice about a price).

Why Educational Applications

I aim to educational applications because of my belief. I believe, we need a good-quality educational apps in today´s world. Today´s world full of mobile equipments and computational technologies causes children play PC games rather than learning. I think if we have good-quality apps for education, the time in front of ours computers will be partly spend for self-perfection.

My Servises Offer

Untypically, I start talking about service what I do not offer. I do not offer making apps for customers. It means making software for clients.

My offer is supplying apps (software), which I hope should be helpful for people and I make them on my consideration. Everyone can download an app (or buy) into his mobile, tablet or PC from suitable market (Marketplace, Webstore, Google Plus, etc.) or use it on-line in his browser. All about supported operating systems, internet browsers and on-line availability are mentioned in details of each apps.