Mobile Applications

The mobile applications are important parts of our smart phones. What will be your mobile phone without applications, which are installed beforehead or you can download them from any store? It is the same like use your PC without the Internet. It is impossible, isn´t it?

I focus on educational mobile applications or applications in general, which helps you during your educational process or simply when you need to count anything. The phrase mobile applications means apps for your mobile phone, tablets or your notebook as internet browser add-ons. So you have a choice and you can download my apps into your devices.

Mobile Applications Offer

On this web side, you find a list of my mobile apps (not only mobile apps), which you can download into your device from suitable market or try it on-line by web version. The links to web versions are available at detail´s sides of each apps.

illustration 2D  3D Calc

2D & 3D Calc

Mobile application is for calculations of circuits and areas of shapes and for surface areas and volumes of solids. Your calculation should be in SI or imperial units. For easier counting there are illustrations of each shape or solid.

illustration BMI Score Calculator

BMI Score Calculator

Mobile application to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). This calc shows you your real BMI and your ideal BMI from your height. The calc can count in metric system (m and kg) or in imperial system (foots, inches and pounds). After calcutation, there is a summary chart at the bottom.

illustration average fuel consumption

Average Fuel Consumption

Mobile application is for people who wants to know their average fuel consumption and their cost per unitary distance. You can count in kilometres or in miles and the consumed fuel in litres or in gallons. To calculate a cost per one kilometre you can use many of available currencies from the app.