2D & 3D Calc

illustration 2D & 3d Calc

The calc is for calculation the circuits and the areas of shapes, the surface areas and the volumes of solids. It is an application which simplify your calculation of shapes and solids. All of them are illustrated for easier input of your data for counts. There are two choices of units, you can choose SI or imperial units.

Calc Functions:

- Circiut and Area of Square
- Circiut and Area of Rectangle
- Circiut and Area of Circle
- Circiut and Area of Triangle
- Circiut and Area of Rhombus
- Circiut and Area of Rhomboid
- Circiut and Area of Trapezoid
- Circiut and Area of Ellipse

- Surface Area and Volume of Cube
- Surface Area and Volume of Cuboid
- Surface Area and Volume of Sphere
- Surface Area and Volume of Cylinder
- Surface Area and Volume of Cone

Calc is available in following languages:

Čeština, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Português, Русский

App is available for:

Google Chrome and web version

Calculator is only for educational purpose.

Run web version of the app 2D & 3D Calc

The short manual how to use 2D & 3D Calc:

After run, there are two icons for shapes (2D) or solids (3D). So you can choose what you want to calculate. Next, there are more icons for concrete kind of shapes (Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Rhomboid, Trapezoid, Circle, Ellipse or Triangle) or of solid (Sphere, Cube, Cone, Cuboid or Cylinder). Now you are at the concrete option of shapes. Each of them has own calculational form and you can move from Circuit to Area by bookmarks. Or you are at the concrete option of solids. And each solid has own calculation form too. You can change volume calculation to surface area calculation by bookmarks.