Average Fuel Consumption

ilustrace průměrná spotřeba

The Average Fuel Consumption is an application to calculate the average fuel consumption like it is written in the name of this app. You can calculate your consumption or you can fill in a price of fuel so the calculator shows you the cost per one kilometre/mile. There are SI or imperial units. To fill in the price you can use many kinds of currencies.

Functions of the Calculator:

- calculation the average fuel consumption
- calculation the price per unitary distance

Calculator is available in following languages:

Čeština, English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Português, Italiano, Русский, Polski

Application Average Fuel Consumption is available for:

Google Chrome and web version

Calculator is only for educational purpose.

Run web version of the app Average Fuel Consumption:

The short manual how to use Average Fuel Consumption:

After run, there is a simple form. You can fill in only your driven distance and the amount of consumed fuel. Then press the button to calculate and your consumption will be shown. For both of these two entry elements you can choose what kind of units you use. There are SI (l, km) or imperial (gallons, miles) units.

And of course there is a form cell to input a fuel price. After your input, the calc calculates the cost per one distance unit (the cost per 1 kilometre or per 1 mile). To right calculation is necessary to fill in the price from your last fueling, not from your present refuelling.