BMI Calculator (BMI Score Calculator)

illustration BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator is an application to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) from input height and weight. Calculator can count your ideal BMI from your height. There is a summary chart where is a list of BMI range and a text assessment. BMI calculation is only for adults.

What is BMI:

BMI is a short cut of a phrase Body Mass Index and it is an index to set a weight. The index is only for better orientation because there is no tolerance of your physique, an amount of muscles, sex and age. A value of BMI means how much weight is in a square. The side of a square is a height (so units are kg/m2 or lb/in2). So the unit of a calculation is not dimensionless.

Functions of the Calculator:

- calculation the BMI
- calculation your ideal BMI from your height
- calculation in metric system
- calculation in imperial system
- categorised summary chart of BMI

Calculator is available in following languages:

Čeština, English, Español, Français

Application BMI Calculator is available for:

Google Chrome and web version Run web version of the app BMI Score Calculator

The short manual how to use BMI Score Calculator:

After run, there is the first calculation in metric system in the BMI Calculator. Next time, you can choose units. You can input your height in centimetres or metres, then fill in your weight and press the calculational button. At a moment´s notice the app shows you your BMI value. Under the result, there is a BMI text assessment (it shows you your BMI section). The app counts a range from your height which should be ideal for you for ideal BMI at the same time. For better orientation there is a summary chart with information about each BMI sections at the bottom of the app.

If you want to calculate your BMI in imperial units, change units by press a button at the top of the page. The calculational process is similar like calculation in metric system.