Second CLICK

illustration Second CLICK

Second CLICK is an entertaining game for all ages. Your job is clicking at the central circle how quickly you can by your finger or by your computer mouse. Second CLICK measures the speed of your clicking. The speed is expressed by number of clicks per second and by colourfull range at the speedmeter too. A player can choose one from five length options, from 5, 10, 20, 40 to 80 seconds. At the end, save your score and classify into the scoreboard of the quickest players. The game is completely free.

Second CLICK Functions:

- measure speed of your clicking
- speed is expressed by number of clicks per second
- colourfull range at the speedmeter
- selection from 5 game lengths from 5 to 80 seconds
- saving player score
- scoreboard of the quickest players

App is available for:

Google Chrome and web version

Run web version of the app Second CLICK

The short manual how to use Second CLICK:

After run the app, the game starts by click at the red circle with the sign: "Play Game". Before the game itself, every player choose how long want to play. This option is at the right top corner, where are five options of the game length: 5, 10, 20, 40 or 80 seconds. Now, start the game by click at the central circle with the sign: "Click". After a timeout, the game stops itself. A player can save his score by the button: "Save Score" or delete his result by the button: "Reset" and play the game again.